FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the commonly asked questions here we have answered. 

If you need to contact us with any other query, please do so by using the contact form on the Contact Us Page.

Can I buy more than one section?

Yes you can, with the shopping cart you can buy your initial three, if you so wish and in any combination or buy to suit your budget and return to the site to add to your Coverstep modular tonneau cover

What weight is each section?

Each section weight is as follows;

  • Strapping cover- 20lb or 9kg
  • Toolbox/Storage Cover – 46lb or 21kg
  • Table/Platform Cover- 36lb or 16kg
  • Mountain Bike Cover- 12lb or 5kg

All easily removed from the payload area by one individual.

Can each section be colour coded to suit my vehicle?

Yes each section can be colour coded should you require at extra cost (pre-ordered, contact us for details).

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Can each section be colour anodized?

Yes each section can be coloured in any anodizing colour available for example: Red, “white”(silver) and Blue (pre-ordered, contact for details).

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What are the sizes of each lid?

Each lid is 1500mm x 480mm or 59”x 16”

Depth varies depending on which cover section you choose:

  • Strapping cover – 2” or 50mm deep
  • Toolbox/Storage Cover – 16” or 400mm deep
  • Table/Platform Cover – 6” or 150mm deep
  • Mountain Bike Cover – 2” or 50mm deep

Where can I buy a Pick-Up Truck Tent?

From Coverstep, click here to contact us for details.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes we can for £99.00 plus mileage costs.

With all orders please state that you require Coverstep to fit your tonneau cover.

You mentioned ‘one size fits all’, is this true?

Yes, all our products will fit any truck.

Simply let us know you model, make and year and we’ll send you the fitting details and tooling required for YOU to fit, or (at an additional cost) we can send you all the required tools to fit our product to your truck.

You mentioned ‘one size fits all’, is this true for the modules?

Yes! And now even for commercial vans.

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