RackCab – Bicycles and Taxi Cab Combined. A new form of City Cycle Scheme.

In these times of overcrowded transport systems in cities, expensive rail commuter charges, packed buses, trams and trains, bus lanes, traffic congestion, congestion/toxicity charges and restricted vehicular access in most cities, solutions are being sought to inner city travel. 

Those who live in the suburbs but work in cities are fed up of losing part of their hard earned salaries on transport to and from work.

The public has taken matters into their own hands to a degree as cycling has become more popular and is seen as the eco-friendly, healthy option too for those who arrive at their desk and are chained there all day with a hasty desk lunch and an otherwise expensive commute to and from work, but who wants that extra time added to the working day to factor in the time that cycling to and from work takes?

Developers and Coders required, for bringing this software and app to market. We are looking for investors and joint ventures to add value to this product offering.

One solution is the Pick Up Set Down communal ride system which allows commuters to book a place for themselves and their cycles in a Pick Up truck with solar panels fitted so that their bikes can recharge whilst they are collected from home by the Pick Up taxi ( www.RackCab.com ), travel to the city limits, then upon set down, the cyclist takes over and powers their short journey to their workplace.

They are still contributing to the reduction of carbon fuel consumption by sharing transport,  still getting fit by cycling shorter journeys, leaving their cycles to charge whilst they travel seated in the Pick Up Cabin, then being picked up at the same city limit meeting point to cycle home at the end of the day.


This is joined up thinking encourages social networking, saves money and time and could be adopted around any city ring road, as up to 4 people can travel in a Pick Up truck at any given time and their cycles will be safe and secure.

Why not use transit vans or coaches?

The simple answer is because the Pick Up truck already has seating and storage areas and would require minimum adaptation to be fit for purpose. See www.coverstep.com for details of how this vision could become an easy reality.

Councils and City Leaders have already spent a great deal of money creating cycle lanes but more people would use them if they could ensure that their cycle ride was manageable and of a reasonable length of time so that they arrive at work refreshed and destressed, not wound up from a hazardous, long and congested cycle ride that leaves them exhausted before they start work and resentful and disgruntled at the end of a working day at the prospect of an often dangerous, lengthy and time consuming ride home….. Just a thought!

We see the potential of an Uber style taxi system for bicycles, in the soon to be launched www.rackcab.com with the added advantage of Electric bikes able to be charged as you drive via Coverstep.com

We also see huge potential in the use of the pick-up trucks with bikes for deliveries being taken up by the convenience store. This would be a team connected to the store or a franchise, which will pick-up and drop off, using the app to deliver were necessary and pick-up further supplies from the convenience store. This would make a far more effective delivery team as they would be able to use the truck as a quicker and convenient point to stock up and strategically locating this stock up point for the cycling team.

Deliveroo: a pick-me-up for the traditional c-store?